‘…after consulting many other service providers, we chose Expedite because they listened to Us, worked with us to assess our pain points, root issues, foundational weaknesses and then offered options to remedy them’
  Mr. Kagale M
GM - Finance
GTTC Bengaluru
'no matter what the business issue, Expedite has the answers..'
  Mr. Akhlesh
Executive Director
BMSCE Aided Faculty Forum

About Us



Expedite is a professional advisory company established by group of young, dynamic and like-minded professionals with a decade of experience specializing in providing management consulting solutions in India and committed to delivering quality risk, financial & business advisory, tax & regulatory services, internal audit and corporate compliance & governance.

We partner with our different classes of patronage to design solutions in the most efficient way, always with a strong emphasis on achieving core objectives by ‘…being the best, with their objective measures'.

Over the years, we have partnered with our different classes of clients in solving their most critical business problems, as ours and helping them taking better decisions, translate actions into results and create sustainable business vantage.


We believe in delivering the prompt services with utmost accuracy and within the stipulated time, is our motto to create our goodwill and trust of our clientship.

‘QUALITY, EFFICACY AND EFFECTIVENESS IN WHATEVER SERVICES WE DELIVER’ is the main aim and believe in providing total solutions to cater to the varying and complex needs of expenders in today’s competitive environment. The clientele catered to the range from individuals to large corporate structures, spanning industry sectors and national boundaries.


We are proud to share that, within a short time the company has picked up several assignments in delivering quality risk, financial & business advisory, tax & regulatory services.

Our core team is supported by a consecrated supporting team which is well versed in the fields of delivering quality risk, financial & business advisory, tax & regulatory services with required qualification and excellence.