‘…after consulting many other service providers, we chose Expedite because they listened to Us, worked with us to assess our pain points, root issues, foundational weaknesses and then offered options to remedy them’
  Mr. Kagale M
GM - Finance
GTTC Bengaluru
'no matter what the business issue, Expedite has the answers..'
  Mr. Akhlesh
Executive Director
BMSCE Aided Faculty Forum


Services Offered

Quality Risk & Assurance Services:

• Management Audit;
• Risk Management;
• Due Diligence;
• Definition, Implementation and Review of Control Systems;
• Forensic Audit and Investigation and;
• Information Systems Audit.

Taxation & Regulatory Services:

• Compliance Services;
• Consultancy – Direct and Indirect Tax;
• Tax Management and;
• Legal Advisory Services and Opinion.

Company Law, Compliance & Governance Services:

• Company, LLP & Partnership Formation/Registration;
• Regulatory Approval Services and;
• All related company law compliances & governance matters.

Financial & Business Advisory Services:

• Improving the speed and Quality of Financial Reporting;
• Improvements in the Financial Reporting process chain;
• Merger and Acquisition Activity;
• Risk Modeling and Stress Testing;
• Model Review and Improvement;
• Valuation Support;
• Valuation Policy Review;
• Transaction Process and Control Review and Support;
• Hedge Effectiveness Measurement and Assessment;
• Employee Share Option Pricing and;
• Risk System Assessment and Enhancements.

Outsourcing Services:

• Back Office Support Services;
• Accounting, Taxation and Payroll;
• Temporary Staffing and;
• Legal.